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A dynamic entrepreneur who loves challenges: Louise, MBA 2003!




Louise holds a BSc (Hons) in Business management from Greenwich College in London, 
(2001) and an MBA in finance from the International University of Monaco (2003).   

She has 15 years of experience in hospitality; and she has worked and studied in Barcelona, London, Monaco, and the North of Italy, before settling down in Stockholm. 

She owns and runs A Concept AB, an event company, based in Stockholm, which main focus is to organise corporate dinners-­parties ranging form very small and exclusive to including a very large number of guests. 

"I came back to Stockholm in 2005, planning to get a job within management consulting. Before I got around to apply, I was asked to help out with an event company that wasn’t doing so well, in fact, it was on the verge of going bust. I accepted the challenge and within a very short time it was clear that I took the right steps in order for the company to start being profitable. It took me two years to turn the figures into black, and by that time, I was already in love with the job. I then bought the two other owners out and became the full owner of the company. 

Since 2007, I own and run A Concept AB. Still today, I love it. Being 
in a business where one makes people happy is very rewarding. Our biggest challenge is 
to understand the vision of our clients and then deliver an event that matches, or exceeds their expectations. And when we do, that’s when the magic happens. 

Although the corporate event market in Stockholm is fairly saturated, the market for 
private events  -­‐ other than weddings -­‐ is still mainly untouched. 

A Concept AB

Therefore, during the course of 2014, I am opening the shop “Dinner Planner” in the centre of 
Stockholm (Nybrogatan 36). It will be a one-­‐stop-­‐shop for event services, where private 
individuals can order the separate components of their own event, planning their own party with our suppliers. The shop, at the same time draws on the increasing willingness of private individuals to buy services, as well as providing for our customers to organise events without having to use an event manager.  

Tempted by new challenges, in 2009, I started to buy apartments in Saint Roman, France. One for myself at first. Then another one to let, in 2010, and yet a third one in 2013. By then it was clear that I had to form a business around these apartments.  

In the beginning of 2014, was created. It is a housing service providing for both long and short term contracts in the Saint Roman area of France/ Monaco. We work mainly with our own stock of apartments purchased (2009, 2010 and 2013), which gives us a higher flexibility to meet our clients’ need and also a greater security and a faster way of communication for our clients. We also don’t use agents there is also a cost saving benefit for our clients. During the course of 2014 and 2015, we plan to increase the number of apartments and to provide pre-moving services. 

It is my hope that these three businesses will be able to co-­‐exist, providing for both 
business and leisure in Stockholm as well as in South of France, until the next challenge 

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