Did IUM make an impact your life? Do you want to give something back but with limited time commitment? Do you want to say thanks, to remember, to help the next generation? IUM provide alumni with a variety of ways to volunteer or donate in assisting the university. 




Alumni have the opportunity to initiate the establishment of a semester or Academic Year scholarships. 

Each year, the International University of Monaco receives applications from worthy students whose families are of modest financial means. 

By investing in the next generation of students through support for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, you can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Based on good academic standing, IUM Alumni can have the opportunity to choose students from a list established by the IUM Academic Affairs department. 



Research and case studies are central to the university's mission. IUM faculty conduct research to create knowledge that has power in practice. 

This work is capital intensive. Every year IUM supports faculty research, to meet the demand for management knowledge in an expanding global economy. Alumni students are more than welcome to enforce this research by supporting and helping the faculty research.


Faculty Support

Nowadays, the demand for innovative and enthusiastic faculty is very high. Your donation can help IUM to be more competitive in attracting and retaining superb teacher-scholars that are experts in their fields. 

Gifts allow IUM to provide endowed chairs and professorships that provide salaries comparable to those in other distinguished institutions.


Facility Support

As you all may know, the International University of Monaco facilities are essential and crucial in recruiting new students and for providing the best International university service and experience for our current students. 

Through your gifts, we will be able to expand and upgrade IUM facilities and infrastructures. 

Fore more information, please send an email at alumni@monaco.edu.


Participate actively

Alumni have the possibility to participate and share advice with one specific class according to its topic and organization’s field. Corporations have sometimes needs and problems the university might be able to address. In the meantime, students and faculty members are especially interested because they are learning about major and complex problems that might serve as the basis for their future research.

Most of the Alumni’s skills and ideas are a great example of resourcefulness, and can be demonstrated to the new students as a case study. Alumni have many opportunities to share and exchange knowledge with current students: speaking about your organization and your working experience to a class, gathering feedback, new ways of thinking and potential strategies for your own company, the list goes on. If you would like to share with current students or faculty members, please email the IUM Alumni department at alumni@monaco.edu.


The IUM Career Services Department has recently developed an alumni mentoring program in which members are matched with alumni to assist in students’ career development. Alumni will assist students with career related questions, resume development and job search strategies. To learn more about the Mentorship Program or to volunteer as a mentor, please contact Sophie de Lorenzo at sdelorenzo@monaco.edu.

Conferences and other Social Events

We rely on the help of our alumni for a number of student programs including conferences, panels, interview, keynote speakers, etc. Would you like to participate and share your experience with our guests and IUM students? Do you know someone who would be a fantastic and inspirational speaker for a conference? 

If you do so, please contact Sophie de Lorenzo at sdelorenzo@monaco.edu

Job referrals

The IUM Career Services Department also enlists the help of alumni in publicizing job opportunities with their companies.

If your company has a job hotline, website or your company regularly publishes job openings, please send an email to Sophie de Lorenzo at sdelorenzo@monaco.edu

Student Recruitment

The Office of Admissions welcomes alumni in representing IUM at international student fairs and college days at your local high schools or universities. 

Please send an email to the IUM Admissions department (admissions@monaco.edu) to see the list of student fairs IUM will be attending. 

Alumni are also encouraged to forward names of potential students that would benefit from an IUM education to the IUM Admissions department. 

More info on the IUM official website: www.monaco.edu


Create an IUM Alumni Event

Alumni have the opportunity to reach out to other area alumni by volunteering to help with event planning and hosting. If you are interested in helping and coordinating an Alumni or other IUM event, please send an email to the Alumni Department at alumni@monaco.edu.