Many job openings are filled through word-of-mouth or networking. Your goal is to create the widest network possible in order to increase the number of jobs you hear about.
Networking is simply developing a broad list of contacts through social, business and volunteer functions. People in your network may be able to give you job leads, offer you career advice, provide inside information on a company, and introduce you to others that can expand your network.
The important thing to remember about networking is that you are attempting to create a relationship and acquire career, company or industry information. You are NOT asking for a job directly.

Start building your network with present co-workers, former co-workers, student peers, family, friends and even neighbors. Use the IUM database to connect with IUM alumni and seek their mentoring. Attend networking events and seminars offered by the Career Services Office.

If you need more information on the traditional and social media networking strategy, please refer to the IUM Career Development Guide (online on ATOM, on IUM Alumni community Careers: Documentations, or available at the Office of Career Services), where you will find the detailed process.

If social media have been changing ways of doing business, they have also created amazing opportunities to better job hunt, if made appropriately. Online media as LinkedIn, Xing, Smallworld, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and specific blogs have now taken a large place in the job hunting strategy.
In expanding dramatically the personal and professional networks, while enabling a thorough and precise classification of each contact, they have emphasized the importance of personal branding as well as the necessity to set up a clear “online” branding strategy.
Quality of network is a key but the quantity is also fundamental to use social media in the most efficient way:
  • The more contacts you have on LinkedIn and Xing, the easier it is to find you and find opportunities
  • To be proactive and get jobs on Twitter you need to already have hundreds or thousands of followers.
Having a social media strategy is now crucial for international job seekers, but do not forget traditional job search and continue to respond to corporate postings, attend job fairs and so forth.

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Please find below a list of websites where you can find interesting job and internship opportunities.

On careers, job-hunting strategies, resume writing, industries and companies (US) (US) (US, Europe and Asia) (international careers and jobs −Worldwide) (Europe −general advices for expatriates −to find a job abroad) – internship around the world

Entry Level Resume & cover letter

On  job interviews

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For content of job descriptions/occupations international jobs

General jobs search engines for young graduates

For Junior Finance Candidates (worldwide)

For MBA students (worldwide) (Worldwide) (mainly for experienced professional >3 years) (US) ( India) (entry level positions −US, Canada, UK)

For all students- entry level positions (internships and entry-level positions in the UK but also worldwide) (internships and entry-level positions in the 5 continents) (entry level positions −US, Canada and UK) (internships −France) (internships - UK)

For multilingual professionals and students

Job search engines:

Recruitment agencies for multilingual people, offers jobs in all Europe, Junior as well as Senior positions in various fields., for experienced professionals, a lot of positions in new markets: China, Russia and CIS, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Middle East., a specialist multi-lingual recruitment agency providing recruitment services in Ireland, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium & Spain.


By industry

Fashion-Luxury Goods and retail (UK) (UK) (France) (France) (UK) (UK) (Executive Recruitment agency dedicated to the Luxury brand Careers: High End Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry and Watches, Handbags and Cosmetics in USA)

Recruitment agencies (UK) (Paris, Milan, New York −Senior executives >5 yrs exp) (Italy) (Italy) (Italy) (Europe) (top executives >10 yrs exp) (France)

Green Investing and Sustainable Finance - American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy – Jobs & Internships – Green Dream Jobs

Consulting (US) (Europe) (Europe) (UK)

Financial Services (Offshore Financial Advisory Services Sector) (Quantitative −IT financial profiles) (US and Europe) (Monaco and Paris)

Wealth Management − Private Banking


International Social Work

(International development −ONG, International non-profit organizations) (Worldwide) (Europe and World) (US) (worldwide) Jobs & Consultancies in International

Development, NGO & Environment Sector (French and international) (Canada)

Recruitment company in sports (UK)

Human Resources (France) (France) (UK) (US) (US)

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Wine & Spirit Jobs the premier source for wine jobs, wine positions, wine employment opportunities and wine career advancement on the Internet (UK) (US) (Australia and New Zeland) or or Pernod Ricard (internships)


Green Investing/Sustainable Finance - Internship and Job Links

Sustainable Finance or Green Investing Industry Information

-Best Practices in Sustainable Finance - Strandberg Report Finance - Best Practices.pdf

Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

Environmental Business Journal (EBI)

Finance Jobs Guide from Careers-in-Finance.Com

Global Finance Magazine

Green Investing Times

Green Investing, Cleantech Investing, Renewable Energy Investing

Stanford University - Career Development Center - Careers in Environmental Finance & Economics

Sustainability in Finance (SIF) – Resource

The Future of Sustainability Finance - Strandberg Study

The Green Economy Initiative - Repository for Green Economy Resources

The Green Economy Initiative - Tracking Investment in Green Economy

TreeHugger.Com - Environmental & Sustainability Trends in Media

Sustainable Finance or Green Investing Jobs & Internships Sites

American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy - Jobs & Internships

eFinancialCareers - Green Dream Jobs

Key Sustainable Finance or Green Investing Institutions

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Good Energies – Global Energy Investor

ING, Inc. - Green Finance|sps|gfn

Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)

Sindicatum Carbon Capital - Natural Resources Investment Advisory Company

World Bank Group

Sustainable Finance or Green Investing Professional Associations & Networking Sites

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP)

Center for Environmental Finance US EPA

Earth Policy Institute – Building a Sustainable Future

Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street 

UKSIF – the sustainable investment and finance association


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United Kingdom

For European Student placements in the UK:

others: (UK −100% finance) (UK) (UK) (UK) (for experienced people) for experienced professional >5 years)

France- Monaco - French Riviera (France) (France) (France) (France) (French Riviera) (Monaco) IUM Intranet


General information:

Job search engines and recruitment agencies (for English speaking professionals) (Suisse)

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Japan −Provides career consulting to bilingual professionals and assistance in finding jobs with international organizations in Japan. −Bilingual recruitment and information resource for the Japanese job market with job banks, resume posting, interview and resume tips, general Japan information, forums and daily news.

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Best Links to find an Internship in CHINA

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