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8:30                         Welcoming participants        
9:00                         Welcoming speech by Jean Philippe Muller, General Director, International University of Monaco


 9:10                        Key Insights – How luxury brands re-define the customer experiences of Millenials? 
                                By Nathalie Remy, Senior Partner, McKinsey
9:30-10:30               Panel Discussion – Innovation in Customer experiences – changing the scale of luxury dimensions  
Changing Retail Landscape, phygital experiences, Managing Service excellence
Even in the luxury category, commoditization is growing especially for products and services that can be compared across brands and channels. Thus, putting the customer experience at the core of the luxury experience appears to be of a growing importance and as a strong differentiator and driver of the brand attachment. During this panel discussion we will explore how premium brands have already defined and are implementing a superior experience to be delivered to their clients to increase brand engagement and support their growth . We will also explore how existing and future technologies will play an increasing role in completing the human and people role.  
Moderator :  Hassan Mouheb, , Head of Luxury & Travel Europe - Nielsen
  • Jay Short, Sales Director, Inition – Virtual Reality
  • Marine Gall, VP Long Haul Customer Experience, Air France
  • Olivier Arnoux, Senior Vice-President, Customer Experience & Satisfaction, Accorhotels
  • Yann Emilian, CEO for Generali Concierge Services worldwide, Generali Group
10:30                       Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 Business Workshop 5 -  Plenary room
Dream, Plan, Book, Stay, Share and Return : how User Generated Content impact the entire Customer Journey and how Accorhotels uses eReputation to improve its Customer Experience
by Olivier Arnoux, Senior Vice-President, Accorhotels.
At  Accor worldwide, Olivier Arnoux defines a strategic Customer experience vision by brand, segment and location to maximize value creation for our Customer, our Partners and Accor.
His department orchestrates every facets of the Customer’s experience and formalize Customer’s touch points into specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bounded brand standards

11:00-12:00             Academic Sessions n°5:
Track A = Room Adriatique/ Track B= Room Pacifique/ Track C = Room Sirocco
Track A: Extending Luxury
  • Kapferer (Inseec, France) & Valette-Florence (Grenoble, France)
“Does luxury brand growth dilute the luxury dream:
A cross-cultural analysis of the relevance of the ‘rarity principle”
  • Arda & Eren-Erdoğmuş (both from Marmara University İngilizce İsletme, Turkey)
“Analyzing the factors that affect the luxury brand extension attitude”
Track B: Consumers as Actors of Luxury 
  • Woodside (Boston College), Muniz (Parana, Brazil) & Sood (Technology Sydney,
“Storytelling research on how luxury brands enable consumers to enact archetypes”
Track C: Luxury Strategies in China
  • Liu (Manchester, UK) & Perry (Manchester, UK)
“Positioning digitalization within luxury branding strategy
A study of international luxury fashion brands use of WeChat in China”
  • Bartikowski (Kedge, France) & Cleveland (Western Ontario, Canada)
" ‘Seeing is Being:’ Consumer Culture and the Positioning of Premium Cars in China”

12:00 - 13:00   Business Workshop 6 – Plenary Room
Adressing the Human challenges of Customer-centric strategies – Presentation of the E movie learning “Le luxe c’est vous” , the most innovative learning tool in the luxury fields. 
By Hervé de Gouvion Saint Cyr, Luxury Attitude
Luxury Attitude is a consulting and training company founded which mission is to narrow the gap between the brand promise and the Client’s perception of the brand.All Luxury Attitude trainings cover the three dimensions: the professional dimension, the human dimension and the aesthetic dimension. In 2015, they launched an innovative e-learning tool “Luxury – it’s YOU”  , to train the new generation of brand ambassadors in the luxury retail and luxury hospitality fields. Writtenby a television screenwriter, directed by a feature film production company, this e-Movie gets learnerstotally involved in a motivating and addictive intrigue. It combines an hands-on learning approach and methods of storytelling.
12:00 - 13:00           Academic Sessions n°6:
Track A = Room Adriatique/ Track B= Room Pacifique/ Track C = Room Sirocco
Track A: Luxury Online (1)
  • Albrecht and Häger (Mannheim, Germany)
“Luxury brands: Whether and what to sell on the internet”
  • Ordabayeva (Boston College), Cavanaugh (USC) & Dahl (UBC, Canada)
“Social Distance in Luxury Product Reviews”
Track B: Luxury -  Power and the Powerless
  • Dubois (Insead, France) & Anik (Virginia, USA)
“From Status to Power: When and Why Do Heels Make Women Feel Powerful?”
  • AlBalooshi, Moeini-Jazani (both from BI, Norway), Fennis (Groningen,
The Netherlands) & Warlop (Leuven, Belgium & BI, Norway)
“Virtue in Vice: Benefits of Conspicuous Consumption for the Powerless”
Track C: Luxury, Fashion and Masstige
  • Pham (Parker, Switzerland)
“Are you in or are you out? How fashion equity and luxury brand desirability are impacting
consumers’ commitment towards luxury brands?”
  • Kaswengi (Orléans, France), Diallo (Lille, France), Akrout (Inseec, France)
& Valette-Florence (Grenoble, France)
“Effects of marketing variables and consumer characteristics on masstige brand choice
under turbulence: Evidence from panel data”
13:00                       Lunch Buffet
14:00                       “Monaco is a luxury brand” by Guillaume Rose, President, Monaco Tourism Authority                                      
14:15-15:15             Academic Sessions n°7:
Track A = Room Adriatique/ Track B= Room Pacifique/ Track C = Room Sirocco
Track A: Luxury Online (2)
  • Beal, Romaniuk & Patrick (all from University of South Australia, Australia)
“Reaching luxury brand buyers and driving desire: Are Advertising and Word-of-Mouth
partners or substitutes?”
  • Mosca, Casalegno & Rosso (all from Turin, Italy)
“Social commerce and luxury brands: an empirical study across different product
Track B: Abstract vs. Multisensory Luxury     
  • Cervellon, Mars (both from Edhec, France) & De Barnier (Aix-Marseille, France)
“Should luxury be described in concrete language? The influence of online product
description on purchase behaviors in contexts of psychological distance”
  • Wiedmann, Haase, Labenz & Hennigs (all from Leibniz, Hannover, Germany)
“Multisensory Marketing in the Luxury Industry Effects on Brand Experience and
Customer Perceived Value”
Track C: Luxury Pricing Strategies
  • Fraccaro & Macé (both from ESCP Europe, France)
“Odd and even pricing applied to luxury goods: effects on brand image”
  • Aiello, Donvito & Vannucci (all from Florence, Italy)           
“Price Lining and Odd Even Price Strategy in the Luxury Fashion Market:
The Results of an Exploratory Research”
15:15-15:45             Break

15:45-17:00             Hyper luxury: Unique Pieces and ultimate luxury – jewelry, yachts, perfumes, fine arts
                                The latest trends on a more global market     
The global population of ultra-high-net-worth individuals grew by almost 5,200 last year, according to data prepared exclusively for The Wealth Report. This latest increase means 65,335 people have joined the ranks of the ultra-wealthy over the past decade – a rise of 61%. Most notably, Asia overtook North America as the region with the second-largest UHNWI growth. How does this “segment” dream, expect, buy, consume, enjoy, or “invest”?  What “Segmentation”/ CRM/ Prize on these markets?
Moderator:  Bertrand Petyt, CEO/COO,  Parkview
  • Luca Bassani, CEO, Wally Yachts
  • Bruno Cottard, Vice President, Jean Patou
  • Emilie Villette ,  Business Development Director  , Christie’s
17:00                                      “What Luxury marketers can learn from Hollywood” by Dr Sanjay Sood, Professor UCLA, Mirei Takashima, UCLA
17:20                                       Closing Cocktail Party  Sponsored by Monaco Tourism Authority
18:30                                       End of the Symposium

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