The Symposium on Luxury - Thursday April 7

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8:15                                   Welcoming of participants
9: 00                                  Welcome speech by Catherine Lespine, President, INSEEC Group
9:05                                   Welcome speech by Mr Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy 
9:15                         Foreword by professors Jean-Louis Chandon, Gilles Laurent and Pierre Valette-Florence, co-organizers of the Monaco Symposium
9:20                                   Keynote Speech:  Marc Dubrule, Director of Strategic development, L'OREAL
10:00-11:15     Business Workshop 1-  Using new technologies and neurosciences to create emotional messages.  The luxury industry, more than any other category, is governed by consumer expectations and subtle unconscious motivations. As such it’s imperative that premium and luxury brands capture and understand unconscious motivations and reactions (System 1 thinking) as well as conscious (System 2 thinking) when it comes down to all interactions they have with their consumers. Over the last decade Neuroscience has helped successful brands understand and test what their brand, communications and products stand for in consumers’ minds and hearts. As a global leader in Neuroscience, Nielsen will demonstrate the value of this methodology and share how it compliments other research methodologies, specifically within the context of luxury brands.   By Kate Slaymaker, Head of Travel and Luxury for Nielsen UK

10:00-11:30                             Academic Sessions N°1: Nine presentations in three parallel sessions      
                                                 Track A: Corporate Social Responsibility in Luxury
                                                 Track B: Status and Luxury
                                                 Track C: Counterfeits and Synthetic Luxury
11:30                                        Coffe Break
11:50-13:00    Business Workshop 2 The future of luxury in the automotive sector– challenges and options for creating a convincing sphere of experience around luxury cars.” Now that many brands call themselves ‘luxury’, how can a true luxury brand set themselves apart? CRM in the luxury automotive sector - What is the role of the luxury car in 2030, what is it and how will it fit into people’s lifestyles?   by Dr. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann and Bentley Motors’ Marketing team – During both days, Bentley’s models will be at the disposal of participants to allow them to get a better “feel”  “the Bentley Experience.

11:50-12:50                             Academic Sessions N°2:Six presentations in three parallel sessions
                                                  Track A: Brand Heritage in Luxury
                                                  Track B: Consumer Rapport to Luxury
                                                  Track C: Luxury Research Landscape and Luxury Frontiers
13:00                                        Lunch –Buffet
14:00                                        Keynote Speech:  Jean-Noël Kapferer 
14:20 -15:15                           Luxury & Media– Trend setters, trend analysts, trend followers
                                              What media buying Strategy for Luxury Brands today? What business models for Media in luxury?
“Nearly 50 percent of media consumption in the United States is digital, compared to 32 percent in 2009”, according to a new report by L2-  “As digital consumption has redefined consumer experiences and expectations, many individuals have become unwilling to pay for content that was once purchased, putting advertisers in a tight spot as the traditional media model stalls.
Radical shifts in media consumption have torn down barriers to entry, redefined consumer expectations and forged   new competitors that are siphoning audience and ad dollars away  from traditional media.”
 How can traditional media  adapt?     What Media Buying strategy  for Luxury Brands today ?
Are bloggers/ influencers efficient marketing tools for luxury brands?
                                                Moderator :   Dr Marika Taishoff
  • Jean Stock, CEO Luxe TV
  •  Tammy Smulders , Global Executive Director, Havas LuxHub
  • Laurence Genevet, Chief Editor, Epi Communication
  • Media Director, Luxury Brand
15:30 – 16:45  Business Workshop 3- Big Data & Luxury Fashion  - Going global -- using big data to strategically understand, defend and penetrate each country market"    StyleSage   USA
StyleSage delivers cutting-edge data-driven insights to help luxury and fashion retailers and brands become faster and smarter in international expansion, line planning, and in-season steering.  With their innovative machine learning algorithms and technology, they collect, analyze and visualize eCommerce activity across 1000 retailers, 53,000 brands, and 100M products in over 100 countries. At two years old, StyleSage has already been profiled as a top innovator by Glamour Magazine, W Magazine, Vogue, The Financial Times and The Economist and was recently part of Techstars, the number 1 technology accelerator in the world

15:15                                 Coffee break – exhibitions
15:45-16:45                      Academic Sessions n°3: Six presentations in three parallel sessions
                                           Track A: Luxury Value 
                                           Track B: A Legacy of Luxury
                                           Track C: Luxury Pricing Strategies
16:50-17:50                      Academic Sessions n°4:  Six presentations in three parallel sessions
                                          Track A: De-Luxurisation or Still Creating Dreams?
                                          Track B: Luxury Consumption: Guilty or Not Guilty?
                                          Track C: Luxury Retailing: Pop-ups vs. Loyalty?
18:00                                 Conclusions of the Day – Round table “Future trends and topics for Research” 
                                          Jean-Noël Kapferer, Brand expert
                                       Dr Arch Woodside, Boston College, Past Editor in Chief of the Journal of Business Research
18:30                                 Happy Hour   - Fashion Show in the swimming pool area –               
Registration and booking are compulsory BEFORE April 3rd. 

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