The cruise industry post covid-19

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The cruise industry post covid-19: Re inventing business models for a “post covid” generation

The cruise industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. While we are still gathering our efforts around the various operational, logistical and financial impacts, we will soon need to engage our "design-thinking" minds to move forward, decide on what the new paradigms will be, and re-position the cruise industry in the leisure market, stronger than ever! The cruise industry brings people together, turns dreams into reality, enables us to experience different cultures and enriches us every time. This will never go away! 

As part of the Master of Luxury Hospitality program of the International University of Monaco, the Corporate Projects play an integral part in ensuring that students are able to practice their learned skills with real cases. As such, these corporate projects are of high value to the Master program and can also benefit our partners by delivering consulting-level intelligence work. 

We have decided that the Spring 2020 semester Corporate Project will address the issue of "Change Management & Design-Thinking for the cruise industry after the Covid-19 pandemic". The project covers the following parameters:

- Extensive data research on the financial, logistical, branding, operational, marketing impact of Covid-19 on the world's leading cruise lines. This data gathering was made possible by interviewing Senior C-Level executives of the cruise industry, developing a comprehensive set off surveys and gathering online data. 

- A "design-thinking" approach to what tomorrow should look like for the cruise industry, ie: what are the opportunities in terms of the various Change Management parameters (Human Resources, Marketing, Sustainability, Operations, Logistics, product positioning, etc). 

The Master of Luxury Hospitality students have worked on this project from March top June 2020, under the supervision of Vitruvius Partners Group as project leader, with the intent to issue a comprehensive consulting-quality report and webinar presentation. 

-Moderated by Bertrand Petyt, Managing Partner at Vitruvius Partners Group, Chief Operating Officer at Parkview Group, and Adjunct-Professor of Management at IUM

Introduction by Dietmar Wertanzl, President and CEO of CMI Leisure Miami

Presentation by the students of the Msc in Luxury Management

Please register on this page. The link to join the webinar will be sent to you by email 48 hours before. 

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