Sport for Development: Prospects, Challenges and Career Opportunities

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Ingo Steffgen, World at PlayIngo Steffgen, IUM Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport Alumnus, will share his experience about the Sport For Development (or SDP) field. He will discuss in particular prospects, challenges, and career opportunities as he is now the Managing Director of World At Play (a charity based in Wales).

As Managing Director at World at Play, Ingo Steffgen inspires and empowers young people through sport and play – a business-minded, entrepreneurial self-starter holding international graduate degrees in business management and sustainable development; seeking to facilitate cross-sector partnerships by utilizing more than ten (10) years’ professional experience in multinationals and leveraging insights from not-for profit projects.
In collaboration with the World at Play community, Ingo provides the means for knowledge exchange to support the social missions of their partners. Facilitating increased individual and corporate voluntarism, locally as well as internationally, and utilizing a decade of expedition expertise to deliver activities on-site and train partner staff members for the benefit of the ones in need.

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