Rethinking sport sponsoring strategies - The medium and long term impact of COVID 19 on sport financial models

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In Football as well as in Motorsport the enduring interruption of all kind of professional sporting competition in the first half of 2020 has impacted the Sponsoring business like nothing else could have potentially been expected to be able to do. The simple reason is that with the lack of competition the contracts between brands and athletes do not find the ground to be fulfilled. 

At the same time, the consumers cannot project their dreams and expectations in the emotional moment when they connect with a sporting feat, and therefore remember the hero that embodied that performance, and associate it with the Brand that empowered that accomplishment. In this way, purchasing patterns and habits cannot be influenced nor inspired, despite potential opportunities occurring still under the lockdown circumstances.

Sponsoring is a commitment to future sporting greatness with business success heavily depending on it, so that at a time when there is no possibility to measure on the calendar of sporting events and therefore the test of the fitness of the competing athletes is on hold, the management of the contracts and of the commercial rewards has to be reassessed and planned out again. Is eSports a potential back-up, perhaps too, or is that missing anything especially?

-By Franco De Togni, Senior Manager Global Business Unit Football Licensed, PUMA, IUM Mentors club 

And Tommaso Flamma, Partnership Development & Race Support Planner at Yamaha Motor Racing S.r.l

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