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With Arijana KOSKAROVA, MBA 2017, featured in the Forbes Under 30 List

Every year, the Forbes “30 Under 30 Europe” LIST features 300 young disruptors, visionaries and rising stars from across Europe, who are transforming industries and setting a new agenda. The list includes 30 honorees in each of the 10 categories, all aged under 30 years old.

Arijana is featured in the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS category.

Since graduating the Monaco MBA, Arijana went to Hong-Kong where she pitched a KPI app on the RISE summit as Alpha exhibitors. After the summit she came back to North Macedonia where she decided to challenge herself as entrepreneur and opened Creative Hub. 

Creative Hub is a training hub where professionals come to skill up through courses on short Academies in the area of digital marketing, human resources, web design, graphic design, advertising etc... They also have a co-work center as part of the hub and they organize networking events for the users of the hub.


April 18th, 5:15 p.m.


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