New perspectives on how Emerging Markets are affecting the Global Economy

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Strategic Insights – CEO’s Challenges

"New perspectives on how Emerging Markets are affecting the Global Economy”

By Dr Marcus Goncalves, International Management Consultant

An overview of opportunities and potential pitfalls of investing in emerging, and more
specifically, in frontier markets , in order to research and invest in the most promising
emerging and frontier growth markets.

Marcus Goncalves is an international management consultant
with more than 25 years of experience in the U.S., Latin America,
Europe, Middle East and Asia. He holds a master’s degree in
Computer Information Systems, a doctorate in Education from
Boston University, and is working on his doctorate in Business
Administration at Saint Joseph University, in Macau, China SAR. He
has more than 45 books published in the U.S., many translated
into Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.
He’s often invited to speak on international business, global trade,
international management and organizational development
subjects worldwide. Marcus has been lecturing at Boston University
and Brandeis University for the past 16 years. He has also been
a visiting professor and graduate research adviser/examiner at
Saint Joseph University, in Macao, China for the past four years.
He is an Associate Professor of Management, and the International
Business Program Chair at Nichols College, in Dudley, MA, USA.

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