IUM Business Day: Investing: dreams, reality, and a few easy things we know

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“Investing: dreams, reality, and a few easy things we know.” 
Understanding the rational and behavioral components of the financial decision making to wisely and efficiently invest.
By Roberto Plaja , CEO, Orthos Advisory AG

Orthos Advisory AG
Roberto has spent several years in the investment field, working for a number of financial institutions and investing on behalf of individual and institutional clients. After completing his higher education at Cornell University and Harvard University, Roberto worked for Bankers Trust, Continental Insurance Asset Management, J P Morgan Investment Management, SanPaolo IMI Asset Management, and Goldman Sachs, where he worked 8 years at Head of the Portfolio Advisory Group in Private Wealth Management in London and Zurich.
More recently he has founded Orthos Advisory AG, a financial consultant to wealthy individuals and families. During his career, Roberto has invested across markets and asset classes, principally fixed income and equities. He now resides in Zurich.

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