INTERBRAND – Best Global Brands 2020 (The Asian Perspective)

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Best Global Brands: The Asian Perspective

The current economic and cultural environment is one of unprecedented speed and scale of change. And customers are changing too. From #MeToo to the coronavirus pandemic, from Black Lives Matter protests to seemingly endless political upheaval, what is relevant to a customer can change instantly and dramatically.

2020 marks the end of continuity as the default assumption, plunging us in a world in constant tension between fear and hope – an anxious world.

So how can brands help organizations build their business resilience and their customers’ hope as expectations morph into anxiety?

A thorough analysis of the new context throughout the course of this year has led us to evolve and focus the dimensions that makes brands thrive in an anxious world, building business resilience and customer hope.

During this event you will:

Learn which brands have been named the top 100 Best Global Brands in 2020

Explore how customer sentiment and emotion is changing – and what this means for the ways brands are built

Discover how brand strength factors evolve in the context of a constantly shifting landscape

Engage with many of the world’s most successful brand leaders – explore how they are building brand resilience during these moments of change

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