Fact Check On India Hype or Opportunity?

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Fact Check On India Hype or Opportunity?

by Manish Singla, Associate Director at Client Associates, The largest Multi-Family office in India

India, a country which represented 25% of global GDP as early as 1850s, is undergoing significant transformation. The list of positive factors is long with few downside risks. The presentation will focus on what are the on ground changes & what is the potential investment opportunity in this country. While it is a land of umpteen opportunities, on ground presence is a must for creating best alpha for investments.

Client Associates, the largest multi family office in India, has 13 year track record of creating wealth
for HNI and ultra wealthy Indian families. For an investor looking to access India centric opportunity,
they are offering bespoke solutions at similar cost of other available channels. The presenter heads their international business and will be available to answer further queries & do follow on meetings.

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