Corporate Risk Management in uncertain times

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Covid-19 was nothing but expected for any corporation. The initial impact on corporate value was dramatic (-35% average dropdown) since the risk magnitude was far above the one as tolerated by the corporation. The consequent recovery was really differentiated (Nasdaq is now positive year to date, while S&P500 is slightly negative but DJ-Industrials is even much more negative). This evidence is direct consequent of the firm-specific business models, including the adopted strategies in corporate risk management. Since the seminal experience by Lufthansa AG in 1985, the best business practices suggest that risk must be managed BEFORE it deploys the damages. This approach, only, contributes to protect value; this approach is the key topic of the webinar.

-By Dr Guido Mantovani, Distinguished Professor of Finance, IUM, Scientific Director of Teofilo Intato Institute of Entrepreneurship, Treviso

In partnership with EXECO

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