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Vittorio CUTRERA

cv vittorio emanuele cutrera


Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Strategist.

My innovational and critical mindset brings me always striving to find the most efficient solution in business and every day life.

My background in different fields, early working experiences as well as my agonistic career in sports taught me to manage pressure and succeed in competitive environments.

I am now thrilled to explore and put effort in shipping and finance that coupled with my passion for the energy sector, will give me the opportunity to prove my acquired skills.

Professional experience

Procurement freelance


From January 2018 to Today

Shortly after having the internship at Bitto I started working for myself using their raw materials: I work closely with designers supplying them, actively participating in the Bitto's import activities of skins.
I give designers insights concerning particular regions as well as costumers in order to exceed their expectations with the final product.
I also carry a portfolio of private clients who directly ask me fur coats and other fur handcrafted goods.


International University of Monaco – Bachelor of Business Administration – 2019