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Welcome messages from your professors

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Prof. Francis IlleI am glad to welcome the Alumni Platform on the IUM site. Some of the students who attended my classes throughout my seventeen years of lectures with IUM know the importance I give to business networking and the Chinese word “guanxi” may sound familiar to many of you.

Keeping in touch with your “camarades” as we say in French for the alumni from same “Grandes Ecoles” should not be seen as a way to get some unfair favor when job hunting, but a way to cultivate relationships with people you appreciate and that you know much more than your 500+ “unknown recipients” from your Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo or Xing social networks. I will celebrate next June the 50th anniversary (!) of the cohort of my Master degree and we are a great number still in touch to define where we will celebrate.

I wish all IUM alumni to stay close to each other for the next fifty years through their community platform… which can also be used for professional reasons.
Francis R. ILLE   


Sophie de LorenzoI am very pleased and so excited to see this new Alumni Platform finally operational. 

As head of Corporate Relations for 7 years now, working with our Alumni has been a priority but quite difficult to put into practice due to the distance of our alumni  network:  and I can thank you all of the alumni that have participated, on campus or out of campus, in our activities as: career days, guest lectures, mentorship programs, assessment days. 

As an IUM team member and as an individual, keeping in touch with our alumni, following their career paths, their personal stories reinforce the feeling that the Ium Community is a family and that brings a lot of satisfaction and a lot of emotions. In these times when the power of networks is crucial, this platform is dedicated to (re) create links between all our alumni, between IUM alumni and us,  for our common and shared pleasure first, but also for broadening perspectives, for bringing ideas and sharing knowledge, for unlocking opportunities.

Thus, I look forward to speaking to you soon on the IUM Alumni Platform!
Sophie de Lorenzo


Ramine AzimaHello everyone! I just want to encourage all of you to participate actively in the alumni association. Let me give you two reasons for doing that. The first one is sentimental: after all, it's your alma mater, and that's for life. The second reason is more pragmatic: it's a useful network for your professional life, given the background and diversity of IUM students. Also, don't forget to contact me for free consulting advice as soon as you make your first million on your own :-). I wish you all a happy and successful life! All the best!
Ramine Azima

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