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Oenology and Business: A Match Made in Heaven for Davide, MSc in International Management 2013!




Native of Piedmont, in Italy, Davide Pasquero was born and raised in Alba (CN). In living in one of the most important and famous wine regions of Italy (along with Tuscany), Davide soon developed an interest and a passion for wine, to the point of devoting his studies to it. He graduated with a high school diploma from the prestigious Institute of Viticulture and Oenology in Alba, with a Bachelor's Degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Turin, to which he added a Sommelier Certificate. His passion for wine led him to gain an extensive work experience in some of the most important and prestigious wineries around the world, such as New Zealand, California, Australia, France (Burgundy and Bordeaux) and, obviously, Italy (Barolo and Barbaresco areas).
"During these experiences, I also had the opportunity to visit some of the most famous wine properties in the world, taste their wines and "breathe" the atmosphere of luxury and perfection surrounding them. All these experiences, each one for different reasons, contributed to raise my enthusiasm and passion for fine wines as well as my interest for excellence and distinction. Moreover, the time spent in Bordeaux and Burgundy allowed me to discover their very different perspective and exclusive approach of the wine business and trade compared to any other wine region. 

Not having any business background, and wishing to set up my own business in fine wine, I decided to attend the Master of Science in International Business Management at IUM, which I completed by writing a Master's Thesis researching The International Market of Fine and Investment Grade Wines. I really wanted my business to be The opportunity to realize my dreams and follow my passions, always with the greatest humility, respect and ethic. Over the last years, I have been very fortunate in meeting  and learning from amazing people, such as professors, entrepreneurs, classmates, wine professionals, and experts in several fields. They all have been (and remain) a source of inspiration and motivation for me.
After several months of planning, I am launching my Fine Wine Merchant & Consulting business, mainly focusing on trading the finest Italian and French wines. I wish to share and spread my passion for fine wines, and I will also offer various fine wine services to private clients and wine importers whom wish to improve their knowledge of the finest wines, and build their own collection. Among my services, I will also include wine and cycling tours in the stunning setting of my homeland, southern piedmont, which offers all the best that a wine, food and cycling lover can dream of. And, while launching my business, it just so happened that in June 2014, Southern Piedmont (Langhe-Roero and Monferrato) has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO: it is the 50th area that receives this recognition in Italy but it is the first time that UNESCO recognizes an Italian vine-growing landscape as a World Heritage site for its exceptional cultural and rural value.
I kindly invite you to take a look at my website to learn more about all that I can offer. I hope that you may find a reliable partner in Terroir Selection to develop and improve your knowledge about the greatest wines, create your own wine collection and discover "hidden gems,” or simply enjoy some amazing wines, food and cycling experiences and more."

Good luck Davide! 

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