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Alumni Reunion for the Class of 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008




On October 11th, alumni from the Class of 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008 came to reunite in Monaco. They celebrated their 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th years since Graduation.

Being good IUM alumni, they flew from all around the world: Mayumi, Chikako, Keiko, Yuri and Atsushi from Japan; Katherine, Ryan and Brian from the USA; Khaloud and Khalida from Kuwait, and Paulo from Brazil, to name a few. The Europeans from Belgium, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Italy and Greece also made the move to celebrate with their Alma Matter! As did the “Locals” who crossed the road to take part of this annual big event! Finally, some staff and faculty joined the party to meet with their former students and share memories and updates. We also had the chance to welcome a special guest: Dr. William Lightfoot, former MBA Director for the Class of 2003.

The weekend started on Friday night at Zest with a big ‘Get Together’. Hugs, kisses, shaking hands: the room was full of joy and laughter. Remembering the good old days, catching up, old friends, new friends were the order of the evening.

Alumni Reunion 2013

Next day, while some were enjoying the sun on the beach, others were rediscovering Monaco as tourists! It is true that Monaco has changed a lot in 15 years! Yet, the ‘MBA 2003’ had a special agenda: to climb  the “Tête de Chien” (La Turbie) …well, I should say …to drive up to La Turbie, since they felt too old to actually climb there as they did the first day of their MBA in September 2002…! (“Shame on you guys! You let your former MBA Director, Bill Lightfoot, climb alone!!! “)

The Saturday night fever brought everybody to the Red for a champagne cocktail, followed by a nice dinner. I will not talk about what happened after that dinner… there was a mention of some more champagne and lots of laughter… so that is all I will tell…

Alumni Reunion 2013

The next morning, the most courageous showed up at Stars’n’bars to enjoy a brunch and to discover the new decor of the place they used to go two or three times a week. Some of the alumni did not appear as promised, as they were still in bed to recover from previous night’s celebrations…!

There were a lot of emotions for everybody: some of you are now married, have moved, have been promoted, bought a house, have children, have set up your own company, and so on, which makes us all very proud. But above all we all had the feeling that the IUM Alumni Community is still a family, even after such a long time.

Alumni Reunion 2013

I am looking forward to organizing the next Alumni Reunion next October for the Classes of 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009! So SAVE THE DATE! 

PS: all pictures are avaible here: 

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