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A Lady in the Jewelry Business: Sophie, MLUX 2008




Sophie has graduated from the MSc in Luxury Management Program in 2008. she has also studied gemology at the Gemological Institute of America. Since 2010 she owns and runs Somarina, a jewelry shop in Monaco. 

"It has been nearly four years since the opening of Somarina, a shop where not only international jewelers are represented but also pieces that I create with and for my customers. 
It is a "family affair", well at least the name is, a mix of my own first name as well as my mother’s and my grandmother’s names. Being born in Monaco, I also chose to open the first boutique over there. It was my way to thank them for who I am and what they have given me. I chose my workshop to be simple, elegant, feminine and where people will feel comfortable and in harmony. – with what? I would say ‘at peace'.


I decided to create my own business because I needed to be challenged as well as valued. I wanted to innovate, bring a new concept, create not only a shop, but a place where interaction and serenity prevail.  My work needed to be active rather than theoretical. I was looking for certain dynamic that I could not really find in big corporations, where you have a small chance to express yourself. Since I had the educational background, the experience and the personality for it, then why not doing it and may be succeeding at it.

My work has so many various aspects: from choosing the collections and the stones, handling stocks, merchandising, marketing and PR, mounting the jewels to, of course, selling. It is great to be able to wear so many hats. It requires me to be good at different things or at least to doing best. What is also interesting is that nothing is totally predictable, so I have to react quickly and be adaptable. Every day is a challenge, but day by day I build something that I am proud of and happy to see in customers' feedback. As I have learned during my studies, motivation and professionalism are the keys to performance, and that is so true!

I create and sell semi-precious jewelry, but I am not here only to do business; my motivation is different! I want to change things: to put a smile on people's faces, to please them and to make them feel they are as special and unique as the jewelry pieces they will be buying. It is not just a business, but a life experience, at least for me. When work is your passion...

Hope to meet you at the next opening(s) ;)"


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