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#TEDxMonteCarlo: "License to Know"




The 2nd ed. of TEDxMonteCarlo is back to inspire you with the intriguing theme of “License to Know”.

A line-up of captivating local and international speakers are preparing to stimulate your minds with headline topics including entrepreneurship, safety, security and transparency. Their ideas are thought provoking and designed to inspire you to meet the challenges of our fast paced world.

Every SPEAKER has been carefully chosen for the event and in less than 18-minutes, they will share with you their ideas worth spreading. At TEDxMonteCarlo, we have selected today’s pressing topics for our 2017 edition. For example, how does and will artificial intelligence impact our lives? How much online presence is too little to fit in, or too much, causing us harm? Don’t we deserve to live in a safe and secure world? Shouldn’t we know how to protect our families and ourselves, while having the possibility to explore and thrive in our world of opportunities?

From cyber to physical security experts, entrepreneurs to doctors, and innovators to chess players, this year’s TEDxMonteCarlo offers you the “License to Know”.


Topics we will explore

  • The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its future
  • Tools for living in a safe and secure world (cyber security, personal safety & security)
  • Ways to protect our privacy when using social media
  • Putting health and patients at the center of the healthcare system
  • Exploring the unknown and the endless opportunities at our finger tips


Feel free to visit TEDxMonteCarlo website or contact 

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